There are ten ways to start riding a bike.

1. Ensure your bike is in working order.

Choosing the right bike for you may seem simple, but it’s crucial. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good bike because you can frequently discover a high-quality used bike at a bike recycling facility or on reputable online forums like the one run by Cycling. In addition, we offer some helpful advice in buying a used bike guide. Why not rent or lease a bike if you are having trouble finding the best one for you?

2. View Cycling UK’s instructional video on teaching an adult to ride a bike.

Watch our video on how to teach an adult to ride a bike for a fast recap on how to ride a bike. There are many helpful hints, ranging from how to effortlessly mount and dismount your bike to an example of how to balance and ride unassisted.

3. Exercise at a nearby park or garden

Begin modestly. Bring your bike to the park nearby and practice mounting the saddle. Set a goal for yourself; even if it’s simply to feel at ease mounting and dismounting your bike or cycling a few meters, it will help you acquire confidence in the saddle.

4. Join a neighborhood riding group

As well as helping you learn some local routes, joining a cycling club is an excellent chance to meet other people who are learning to ride. Why not use our online club finder to locate one close to you? The majority of clubs will offer rides designed for beginners.

5. Recognize how to perform essential maintenance, such as changing a tire.

Although you might not want to try this immediately, knowing how to take care of your bike might be helpful once you’re up and running. It’s essential to learn how to patch a puncture, so ensure you always have a repair kit with you when you go outside (with tire levers, a new inner tube, a puncture repair kit, and a pump!).

6. Travel safely

Maintaining your safety on the roadways is one of the most crucial things. Here are some pointers for increasing your visibility on the roads.

7. Don comfy attire

Cycling UK always advises cyclists to wear whatever is most comfortable for them, but they should aim to avoid wearing too loose or baggy clothing that could get caught in their wheels or chain. To enjoy cycling, you must feel free and comfortable in your saddle.

8. Put a halt to it.

Since cyclists adore cake, pamper yourself when you go out for the first time by finding the closest coffee shop. But in all seriousness, eating while you ride is crucial to maintain your energy levels and prevent being too exhausted.

9. Keep your motorcycle tidy

We strongly advise routine cleaning your bike if you want it to last. A little warm, soapy water and a sponge will do the trick. However, if you require something more potent, see our instructions for cleaning your bike. If you ever experience a puncture, you’ll understand what we mean when we say that a clean bike is considerably simpler to maintain.

10. Enjoy yourselves!

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy yourself! Everyone who cycles does so because they want it, and the more you practice, the more proficient you’ll become and at ease in the saddle. A quick trip to the store can be beneficial.