The Bmw driver of Beverly Hills crashed into a cyclist and a trapeze.

The authorities are looking for the driver of a BMW car. The BMW car hit a cyclist in an alley. Road anger can get its best on public roads. Following the basic rules of the road can prevent unnecessary collisions and accidents.

Police in Beverly Hills, who were all allegedly involved in a road rage accident, were looking for the driver of a white BMW car. The car hit a list of riders and fled the scene. According to various reports, the cyclist was caught beside a metal garbage container in an alley and suffered minor injuries. The authorities were able to obtain a video of the vehicle and are looking for its driver.

Hit-and-runs take a rising toll on cyclists

Lieutenant Lincoln Hochino told reporters that surveillance video captured BMW Tedden crashing into a cyclist until he finally nailed it to a metal trash can.

According to the authorities, the incident was the result of angry confrontations on the highway during the rush hour on April 3. The cyclist allegedly punched the driver in the face. Then the driver threatened to kill the cyclist, walked into an alley with the buried canal, and hit the rider on the dirty garbage container.

According to the report, the life of the rider on this list is in danger, and the authorities are currently looking for the luxury car driver on suspicion of attempted murder.

Case Results

If you don’t want to be in a similar situation, please feel free to follow these basic bicycle safety steps:

  • Pay attention to the surrounding environment. Always be careful of traffic and oncoming vehicles-ride defensively, but don’t hurt others.
  • Remember the big shirt so that the driver can see it more clearly. Riding a reflective shirt at night. And make sure it does not fit loosely, because it may get stuck in the chain.
  • Follow the traffic laws and make sure to stop when you reach a parking sign if you are driving a vehicle.
  • Before turning, be sure to signal to others on the road. If you don’t know the appropriate hand signals, make sure to learn them.
  • Be patient, park your car tightly before crossing the intersection and look for any oncoming traffic.
  • Go to the right side of the road instead of riding in traffic.
  • When riding on public streets, please pay attention to the parked vehicles. The people in these vehicles are usually warned, but they are unpredictable. They can open their doors at an untimely tight time, and you will hit the door and fly over your handlebars. If this happens, you may fall on the street with other cars, and there is not enough time to stop and you can hit you.
  • When you meet other drivers, be sure to draw their attention to prevent accidents. And inform others of your cycling party.
  • Ride in an orderly manner, don’t be surprised when other people ride with you on the road.