How to get the best bike tour in the French Alps?

Cycling in the French Alps is really fun and full of adventure. Before participating in the French Alps cycling tour, there are guides, self-service or Granfondos, there are useful tips, cyclists must consider to get the largest cycling tour.

The French Alps are the preferred destination for bicycle tourism because of their huge diversity, including snowy peaks, glaciers, green areas and beautiful lakes. You will find that many travel leaders organize your cycling trip or cycling holiday, but self-help is the best refreshing holiday. You can enjoy the Tour de France cycling race, alpine scenery or Alped Houz, while cycling through the French Alps.

If this is your first cycling trip to the French Alps, here are some useful tips that will make you unforgettable:


If you want to spend a vacation in a location, then you should try to follow these tips:

Find a place in the valley and don’t go up the mountain, because you don’t want to climb the same mountain every time you ride. Not only will you feel bored, but you will also limit the distance you can ride each day. Due to the limited distance, you will not be able to try various routes.

You should find a location with different routes, preferably at the junction of multiple valleys, or whatever. Of course, you can always go for a point-to-point tour, but it will cost you more and cause a little inconvenience to move and live out of a suitcase.


Most cyclists have the habit of riding on flat or undulating terrain, and know how many kilometers they ride in a day. But when it comes to riding on the mountain, all calculations are wrong. A rule of thumb for cycling tours in the French Alps is to assume that your average speed will be reduced by 50%, so the distance you will be able to ride a bike at a given time will also be reduced by 50%. So, if your average speed is 35 kilometers/hour, expect about 20 kilometers/hour. It’s best to plan a shorter distance, or you can spend more time in the saddle.


Since the roads on the mountains often pass through long tunnels, you must be prepared for this. According to French law, the need for rear lights in tunnels is purely for your own safety. If you are uncomfortable riding without too much visibility, you should get the front light as well. When you reach the unlit part of the tunnel, it may become unstable for the first time, especially when there is traffic. The best course of action is to focus on maintaining the same position on the road, looking at a point 3-4 meters ahead, while focusing on the white line.

Bicycle gear.

Since you spend a lot of time riding at a much slower speed than usual, you need to have lower gears. If you are currently using a standard 52/39 link, you should choose a compact link.