Gift guide for non-cyclists and cyclists.

Fast! If you don’t know anything about cycling, who would you spend Christmas or birthday with the biker? Or, maybe you know the gears and the Presta valve, but your bike is the kind of one to continue Go ahead and buy for yourself or yourself. Don’t be afraid, there are gifts, you can make it to a certain size or specific gear ratio.

Cyclists have a special relationship with their sports. They eat, breathe, and bike. But sometimes she has to tear herself off the reel… go to work, talk, or participate in a dressing function. With bicycle jewelry, they can have a tangible connection with their sports all the time.

Best gifts for cyclists

Bicycle jewelry is suitable for anyone who rides a bicycle, and few people buy it themselves. Bicycle jewelry is all different styles, it is not only for women. There are beautiful necklaces and earrings, bracelets and charms. But there are also cufflinks and tweets. Then I look at the rugged bracelet, which looks like a bicycle chain-a masculine touch, and reminds the cyclist that the heart of the biker is really close. Danti or macho, silver or gold, ordinary or fancy, there is a bicycle jewelry for anyone’s taste.

The retro bicycle poster is a popular item and cyclist. Retro advertising posters themselves are valued as works of art. It is a pity that original advertising art is hard to find, and it is expensive when it is discovered. You can enjoy the beauty of old advertising posters with reproductions. The digital copy retains all the small flaws and flaws of the original, adding a nostalgic charm.

A single retro circulation poster can emphasize a room, or a collection on the wall can have a powerful impact as the focal point of a room. The soft colors and soft lines of the hand-painted artwork remind people of a simpler time when cycling was in its heyday.

Cycling Gift Ideas

Retro posters have a series of styles, from fantasy to realism to abstraction, from the 1920s to the 1950s, covering several bicycle categories. Some bicycle posters promote bicycle brands, many of which are obscure and difficult to understand, and have been discontinued for a long time. Other posters promote cycling events, such as the history of the Tour de France. Zhong You some people celebrate the early idols of the cycling world-those who made a name for themselves and promoted cycling to become the focus of everyone’s attention.

Next time you need a gift from a cyclist, you don’t have to worry about getting the right size or brand. Surprise cyclists with carefully selected bicycle jewelry or vintage bicycle posters. He will be moved, you realize how important his movement is, they.