Cycling trips: Keep cool even on the most popular tours.

When traveling by bicycle, there is always a constant problem when traveling through hot areas. Unless you can keep yourself cool, your body will definitely slow you down. Check out these strategies to keep you calm, even on the most popular cycling trips.

When you start rowing, the battle between your skin and the muscles of cycling begins. In order to keep the crank turning, the muscles begin to require nutrients and oxygen. In addition, to help radiate the heat generated by the muscles, the skin needs blood in the body. During a cycling trip, the battle between muscles and skin increases as the external temperature rises. There are strategies to keep you calm, even on the most popular cycling trip.

Dress light + ventilation.

When rowing on a hot day, it is always recommended to wear light-colored clothing that is known to absorb less calories. In addition, it is sweat and allows the maximum flow of air to help you cool down into a meaningful day.


In order to produce enough sweat for a hot day, you will definitely need to maintain a high enough blood volume. It will definitely allow you to maintain the most favorable amount of plasma, which is the aqueous part of blood. The ultra-moisturizing you can rely on overnight to increase blood volume. Drink MSG soup or chicken soup for excessive hydration.

Drink at this time.

During a cycling trip, try to keep the drinks on the bike as cool as possible. Sports drinks are not the most delicious after they become cold or hot. In addition, it may cause you to be unwilling to drink as much as you may need. Don’t do a lot of warm fluids to keep your core body cool. On the other hand, refreshing drinks will help you ride a hot car more comfortably.

Wear sunscreen.

The worst part of the cycling trip is the burning of the sun. It can cause amplifying your thermal stress. Make sure to apply high-quality sunscreen, lotion and arms. It is usually recommended to use SPF 30 sunscreen. In addition, you can even consider wearing UV protection arm skin. Not only does it help prevent sun burns, but you can even pour water to keep cool.