Cycling in the French Alps.

If you are one of the most avid cyclists and willing to explore the French Alps, please consider Saint-Jean de Maurian as a base, and Chamberly is the ideal choice for cyclists who are not too keen.

Are you planning to climb the hardest climb in the French Alps? For passionate cyclists, one of the best places in the French Alps cycling tour is Saint-Jean-de-Maurian. It is a small town, in fact a city, because it has a cathedral, and it is located in or near some of the greatest places in France, including Croydeville, Iserand, Galibe, Glendon, and Madeleine .

Cycling in The Alps

Anyone who wants to spend a week cycling in the Savoy Alps will definitely do a good job. Paying for De Maurian is the largest area in the world to bike. You can get information about this website Maurian Valley through the Internet, in French and English.

In addition to the Internet, cyclists can visit the tourist offices in St. Jean, which are several in the area, and you can rent one of the Timtoox timing chips. Unfortunately, it is only available in French, Italian or German. It allows you to time your up some major passes.

All the famous passes can be entered from Saint-Jean, plus Comet de Roslan and Alpedhuz can be integrated into a wonderful multi-day circuit.

What if you are not too keen on cycling?

If you are not like other cyclists who are passionate and want to combine some challenging cycling trips in the French Alps with some more leisurely sightseeing, you should consider Chamberley as a base. The beautiful old town of Chamberly is only 12 kilometers away from Bourget Lake. It is the largest natural lake in France and has been paved with bicycles. In addition, this charming town can be easily reached, whether by train or bicycle, it is a more traditional tourist honeypot, such as Annecy.

In addition, the city is surrounded by quiet roads, and the tight passages of the Bougas Mountains and Chatrekus Mountains provide good bike rides. In addition, the visit to Chambery took 13.5 kilometers, with the same gradient squared score of more than 1,200 points.

So, whether you are planning a self-guided or guided bicycle tour in the French Alps, don’t miss to explore some famous places to eat, sleep and stop on the way to experience the most wonderful Alps on your bicycle tour.