Cycling in Slovenia-the dream destination for cycling.

Slovenia bicycle tour is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and fully explore its immaculate beauty, make sure you choose a guided bicycle tour.

For cyclists, Slovenia is a paradise because of its friendly people, beautiful mountains and blue-green waters. Discover one of the oldest cart reels in the world is in Slovenia. Cycling tour takes you across the magical Lake Bled to the valleys of the Julian Alps. To explore the castle, take a quick tour of Lake Bled, one of which is located on an island in the middle of the lake. Explore a peaceful village, nestled in a river near virgin forest with turquoise and clear water.

Global location.

Slovenia is a charming country located in northern Croatia and northern Italy with a population of over 2 million. Surprisingly, more than 30% of the country’s land is national forest. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is one of the most incredible places to travel. There are plenty of walking trails, exquisite restaurants and beautiful buildings all over Slovenia. It takes about one hour to reach the Julian Alps from Ljublja and one and a half hours on the Adriatic coast.

Reasons to make Slovenia your next cycling destination:

Friendly people, laid-back, and enjoy good conversation-the use of English as Slovenia helps to make travel and conversation absolutely effortless, especially for cyclists from all over the world.
Cycling paradise-Slovenia has a wealth of dedicated cycling trails and low traffic circuits connecting small villages, yet it is still unpopular with tourists from all over the world who have yet to explore the best of Slovenia.
Cycling is a living thing-it’s an unusual thing. Paddle along the cycling track and look for other cyclists on the road to the next mountain pass. Leisure cyclists enjoy a leisurely ride, and even people from the house. Cycling to and from get off work.
In addition, there are monorail trails in the mountains and hills for cycling trips to Slovenia. Slovenia highlights some flawless routes for cycling and picturesque beauty and climbing, comparable to any other major road cycling destination on the continent.