A guide to scenic cycling in Tuscany.

Explore Tuscany by bike-but not before reading the insider tips! Why don’t you sign up for our Tuscany bike tour? How is your life easy?

Want to increase your fitness for your next vacation? If you travel to Tuscany, it’s a good idea-although Rock Brossia, the food in the area is known to go straight from lips to hips!

If cycling hits your fantasies, or you have thought about cycling in Tuscany, the scenery is simply picturesque. Over the centuries, countless trails have been paved in this area, which means you will have many attractive options. But how do you choose clues? How do you prepare for your sports career?

After more than ten years of living and cycling in this beautiful area, I gradually learned about the winding paths in the area, as if I had only the back of my hand. For a glimpse of the most exciting and diverse Tuscany, tourism is-according to my experience-your best choice, especially if you are short on time. Here is how to prepare for your trip and what you can expect to discover.


Although you can cycle along the coast or through the mountains of Garfanana, I recommend the Chianti region for a long time, with its rolling hills, peaceful woods, and amazing vineyards and olive groves. You are completely immersed in it. In nature. Most trails are easy and moderately challenging, but there are also more challenging stretches, such as Geole and its surroundings, which are perfect for high-level cyclists.

However, regardless of your proficiency, you will participate in a breathtaking external activity-this is not a reflection of your fitness level! The classic Tuscan countryside, which has always surrounded you, is a happy and beautiful scenery . If you want to pedal in the Tuscan countryside, you’d better choose an experienced local guide to join the tour.

Ready to pedal.

Although you are not a professional, taking your way through the winding paths of the Italian countryside is helpful-and recommended-to have a good grasp of the basics of cycling. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave this page to learn some internal tips. The following are what I learned while traveling through Tuscany.

Cheng Il wears a helmet. It may sound obvious, but it is absolutely necessary.
Know how to stop. I find that it is best to use your hand. If you need to stop quickly and/or accidentally, push down both brakes and then move towards the rear of the saddle to prevent falling on the handlebars. Be especially careful when going downhill: Don’t cruise, be sure to gently activate the brakes regularly.
Affordable. Make sure you wear sportswear that will not irritate your skin, such as leggings and comfortable, closed-toe sneakers.
Take care of your muscles. To avoid Charlie Horse’s general discomfort, try to pedal the bike consistently-even if you go downhill (although it is gentler). Prevent the accumulation of lactic acid and cause muscle tenderness.
Shift gears. If you have (or are renting) a bicycle with gears, please treat your knees well by shifting down to a lower gear regularly. It will be easier on your knees-not to mention that you will pedal faster and burn more calories!
Listen to your guide.

Although the five tips above are very important, listening to your guide is the most important suggestion, I can help you. If you choose to take a guided bicycle tour in Tuscany, a tour led by a reputable guide will help you move around safely and comfortably. More importantly, you will definitely learn one or two things about this area.

If safety, fun and different agendas determine a great cycling in your mind, one of our favorite Tuscan tours-the original Tuscan cycling tour-may just be your little one lane. In addition to gliding in the most scenic places in the region, our expert guides will take you to wine and olive oil tastings, as well as provide you with an exclusive glimpse of Renaissance villas and royal hunting lodges. Ready to set, set, bike!

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